Click on the image below and find population pyramids for the countries you have chosen to study throughout the course.

You should look at how the pyramids have changed since 1950. For each country you have chosen, you should be able to describe and explain how the population structure has changed. Make one power point slide per country to help you remember.

World Population Pyramid.png

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Work through the exercises on

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Case Study: Using Population Pyramids to Assess Population Change

1) Bangladesh:

You have previously learned how Bangladesh has been incredibly successful in reducing fertility rates and improving the health of its population.
We can use population pyramids to track this change and predict what may happen in the future.


1) Describe and explain the population structure of Bangladesh in 1980 using data from the pyramid above.

2) What problems could a population structure like this create for a country?


3) Describe how Bangladesh’s population structure has changed from 1980-2000.


4) Using this article, describe and explain the changes that have taken place between 1980 and 2012. Do this by annotating the population pyramids in the document below.
The Bangladeshi Miracle.docx